⋅ 15 June 2011

For A Very Exquisite Daffodil

My travels led me
to a small clearing in
the majestic forests of the
Beautiful Land.

A brook completed the
tranquillity of the afternoon,
to itself and
to all the critters nearby.

Mother hare sat
under a shade tree
which stood out in its
pure white
a birch among the
willows, maples and
the occasional eucalypt.

Gum trees,
I said to myself while
stretching out to
rest most of my
weary bones.

Woken again
by the hum of a
I took stock of
my surrounds.

So many years...
I had been finding, and
resting in
similar places,
all over this
vast globe and yet,
my mission was not complete.

In fact, it had been
a failure
an inborn Teutonic stubbornness
kept me from
throwing in the towel or
put down my walking stick.

The blue flower had
burned a veritable hole of desire
into my being,
I must find it.

A small flash of
yellow beckoned,
I stood and walked closer.

A sea of gold and
raspberry red
greeted my eyes,
it was a sight.

Daffodils !

Careful not to
step on
any individual flower,
I searched the field
was huge,
at least 4 or 5 acres I presumed.

Just two
but very bright
colours that invited
the passing wanderer to stay
awhile and to enjoy.

What would be the rationale,
I thought to myself,
to have
a sea of flowers
at the edge of
a forest
only to provide
two colours in all?

And that is when I saw her.
The most brilliant
azure blue being,
the midst of
all the red and gold,
self-assured and
giving meaning to
the term exquisite.

Could it be......
I was home?

And that is the end of this tale.

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  • I love that place called Beautiful Land where you can see all the colours you wish in the weirdest of places -- a real blue daffodil ??? - - well whyever not. A dream of a read.15 Jun 2011 by

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