⋅ 30 October 2011
bild från Flickr
Photo from Flickr by judy stalus

You were...

Dedicated to one of the finest of mentors, someone very dear to my heart, who recently passed away...
Picture is by Judy Stalus

You were...

the warmth in my
secret garden

shelter from harsh
winds intruding

delicate as
filigree fronds

velveteen heart
gently perfumed

You were...

steady gracious

comforting soul
insightful wise

....and now

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  • May your soul rest in Peace Amen I pray.30 Oct 2011 by

  • So very sorry for your loss, Robyn...What an absolutely stunningly beautiful memorial tribute you have composed...One that i hope you may have or be able to share if your friend has or had a formal Service. "Insightful & Wise tells me that your mentor & friend may have had a hand in your literary endeavour...and if so...and after reading your work over bthe past 2 years, I can definitely say, that they most definitely were a very positive and productive impact & influence on you....My prayers to you, your friend, and his/her family, Robyn....Frank/FjR30 Oct 2011 by

  • May your mentor's soul rest in peace Robyn...a beautiful dedication.30 Oct 2011 by

  • Gone but of course never to be forgotten...That is the power of Love and the written word . Very Moving Robyn.30 Oct 2011 by

  • IT IS A WARM HEARTFELT TRIBUTE ! -Raj30 Oct 2011 by

  • beautiful robyn30 Oct 2011 by

  • A touching and beautiful dedication. tfs30 Oct 2011 by

  • Delicate and beautiful. Touching tribute for your mentor. But, you know ?..He's not gone, he lives in this poem. xxx Laura30 Oct 2011 by

  • Condolence to you dear Robyn and you have created a very beautiful work out of the aching void of your loss.Yet another finest example of great poetry.Much enjoyed.30 Oct 2011 by

  • So sorry for you loss, Robyn! My heart goes out to you. Your poem is utterly beautiful and heartfelt. A lovely tribute to a special person. The piece surely shows how much you cared for this friend.30 Oct 2011 by

  • Heartfelt poem for your mentor, nicely written.30 Oct 2011 by

  • You have not taken to much words to express your grief....A poignant and emotional poem....... poignant31 Oct 2011 by

  • So sorry to hear of your sad loss Robyn and please accept my sympathy as your late mentor was one of the finest as you have written. A beautiful Tribute indeed Robyn with carefully chosen words that mean so much to you. May she rest in peace and with the love you have bestowed on her in this Dedication~31 Oct 2011 by

  • so sorry to know this..very well said 1 Nov 2011 by

  • Quite touching, Robyn. 2 Nov 2011 by

  • Lovely Robyn... I am sure she knew you loved her. Dorothy Singing Still 4 Nov 2011 by

  • Friends and mentors are more valuable than gold and should be treasured. This is a very beautiful tribute Robyn. Sorry for your loss. 4 Nov 2011 by

  • Beautiful written, no words could make up for your loss, can't do nothing other than try to send a few bits of love. I think that we can loose anything in this life but the memory of those we loved may forever live in our hearts. May the memory of your mentor and friend guide you well and give you strength. Good poem touched to the core, thank you for share. 4 Nov 2011 by

  • Beautiful poem, straight from the heart. Must have brought a tear, to write this delicate prose. Also, a eulogy that would endear a life time. 7 Nov 2011 by

  • i am so very sorry for this big loss for you. you made such fine poetry, a tender and eloquent write. to lose someone so near....someone so dear to you..someone who's loving care you will miss, someone who is irreplaceable...i know how it feels...the pain in your heart is more than a knife's deep cut...i am so very sorry, Robyn, i wished i could make her be alive again...but do YOU know that spirits do exist? Just talk to God and you'll see her next to Him...dear, may her soul rest in peace, amen. YOU have made such beautiful poem about her now, please make some more when you are in the mood of writing one, thank you that we may look a bit in your life now, best regards and with love, Sylvia FC15 Nov 2011 by

  • This is a beautiful tribute to someone close to you departed. I like to think they have just stepped into another room for a period of rest. Happy Christmas Robyn23 Dec 2011 by

  • Superb tribute to a very lovely, gracious person, now indeed, gone. Wonderful imagery conveying their preciousness and blessing to yourself. Very gently poignant. Very beautiful, delightful bittersweet.24 Dec 2011 by

  • Simply Beautiful16 Jan 2012 by

  • A touching tribute with a tinge of painful departure...amazing13 Apr 2012 by

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