⋅ 25 July 2011

Playing make believe

Playing Make Believe…

Like a child today I play make believe,
And have bought all your favourite things.
Guavas, purple grapes, dark chocolates, I bring
Telling myself, while arranging, not to grieve…

So young, vivacious, funny and vibrant
With infectious zest, prodding everyone to live
Ailing heart, yet forever ready to share and give
Spasmodic breathe… last words to our parents,

Lament not, thank you both for everything…
But now I must go… a wan smile…God awaits.
I need rest, feeling weak, its kind of getting late;
Drifted like an autumn leaf, at the onset of spring.

I look at all the colourful fruits in the crystal bowl
With quivering lips I try my best, sis to hold
Back my tears, for elders have always told
If you cry and mourn, it hurts the soul…

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  • Mamta, i am so sorry for your loss...Please allow me to extend to you and your ....Respects,Prayers & Codolences from Me and mine, A most beautful, gripping memorial/dedicational ...One i am sure your endered Sister is smiling down on, as well as upon you, right now ! ~FjR~25 Jul 2011 by

  • mamtaji... only pain has depth... not the seas...25 Jul 2011 by

  • Childhood memories shared, seem so very poignant, when the one who shared is gone. Sometimes it is best to cry as it helps the healing. Then remember all the happy times you had together. A lovely poem in memory of your sister Mamta25 Jul 2011 by

  • A poignant write...thanks for sharing thses lovely memories with us Mamta25 Jul 2011 by

  • A beautiful dedication to your sis.25 Jul 2011 by

  • Mamta, in coming back to re-visit this lovely dedicational to your sister, i began reading the other comments, and somehow, i think i may have misunderstood your tensing, as in your intro yousay in memory ofa loved one lost & gone...which if i had stopped for an extra moment to think,before jumping into the poem itself,i might have interpeted,"in memory" as an anniversary of your Sister passing, as opposed to my interpreting it as being a very recent loss,as in the past week.However,upon re-reading this jeweled work,i see through your imaged jaunt back to years past with her....that once again i may have missed yet another opportunity to interpret the work accurately....So, all that blather said...The dedicational is gorgeous, and as the others have collectively said....your memories are everso important....And i agree, wholeheartedly,as in some special way, your ability to revel in these images, will always keep her close to you in Mind & Heart! ~FjR~25 Jul 2011 by

  • Your sister still lives in these lines and your thoughts Mamta.Well expressed.25 Jul 2011 by

  • It is not make believe Mamtaji, it is self-consolation.... I remember my mother winding jasmine strands around my brothers fallen wrists when alive now where others place roses I strew Jasmines on his grave.... memories never fade... and our tears only widen the river in between my grand mother used to say... stills tears they peep while I read for her, for him, for you and for me....27 Jul 2011 by

  • A very special poem for your Sister Mamta and your offering of fruit and chocolates reaches and touches me deeply. Your last stanza is particularly poignant~29 Jul 2011 by

  • a lovely, touching poem. Our chilldhood memories are treasures to hold dear to ones heart. Your last stanza is lovely.18 Sep 2011 by

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