⋅ 7 August 2011

Au Revoir Madam....XXX


Stanza I

Bold summer's carefree reverie: along
The dusty roads, beside the hedges, through
The hazy meadows where the path oft grew
Too small to trace, and daisy's faces, song
And dance, while chasing butterflies the long
Days through, enhanced her passion's play; where blue
Skies spread her brassy glow around and drew
A picture of Love's intense heights belong
Her charms. She enters with a flourish, and leaves
With sultry tang; the reins unwilling yields
To autumn's charms as waning warmth bereaves
Of freedom in more clothing; her fair fields
Of green to crackling brown in harvest's eves
A wistful joy evoke, where Time's scythe wields.


Fair fields of green to crackling brown give way
As summer bids adieu with sultry pout;
Heat waves assail no more, as if her clout
To autumn's charms now yielding, fatal sway
Wield ne'ermore; darling mem'ries in array
As verdant shades to red and gold about
The path spread underfoot, or other route
Take, chasing in mid-air wind's varied play.
Chill breezes temper naked freedom near
And far, the hedges too revealing her
Fair secrets, as the picture of that dear
Embrace, bereft of her rich trapping's lure
Stands bare of all her sweets. Time's scythe the year
E'er reaps. Yet she'll return in all hauteur.


Though Time's scythe overtakes fair summer now:
A rainbow makes of all her green allure;
And cheats the barefoot tread; carefree bestirs
To labour in the harvest fields; with plows
The ground returns to winter's bare, each bough
As hedges dear so clearly seen; inters
Her sweets; the path to learning wends, a blur
Of study, ne'ermore chasing dreams, all bows.
Yet in her late demise, when summer ends,
A promise of her loved renew'l she leaves:
In seeds and bulbs and stubs of buds defends
Against this death. The spread of her fruits eaves
Bedecks, a picture of her cheer extends,
As "Au Revoir" we whisper while she grieves.


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  • A wonderful stroll in poetry through the field and plough, the growing and mowing of a summer start to finish Jenny! You captured every aspect of a working season :) kath xxxx 7 Aug 2011 by

  • Bravo, Jenny. Just remeber that is three entry fees! 7 Aug 2011 by

  • love all three but the last one is especially moving...."yet in her last demise, when summer ends, a promise of her loved renew'l she leaves"...... 7 Aug 2011 by

  • Ah darn it! You're too good for this gal to compete! I vote you the winner! 10! You win! 7 Aug 2011 by

  • superb last verse takes it all 8 Aug 2011 by

  • oh wonderful writing Jenny:) you have captured both season and colour in this great write:) 8 Aug 2011 by

  • That last line is amazing. Wish I had written it. Lol! Beautiful write indeed. 8 Aug 2011 by

  • Exquisite writing Jenny... excellent submissions for teh contest..I agree with Kesav the last one has a slight edge over the other two...Good luck!!! 8 Aug 2011 by

  • Jen I am sure you will be the winner excellent penning. 8 Aug 2011 by

  • I could say good luck but you already seem to've made it yourself! This write is excellent; it's something else! 8 Aug 2011 by

  • Great entry Jenny! I particularly like the last one and the idea of the sowing of future fecundity in the face of the coming winter. Great take on the topic. 8 Aug 2011 by

  • Wonderful trio Jenny.Beautifully written with your excellent style...Maggie 8 Aug 2011 by

  • Jenny, this is breath taking~~~ I feel like a clown who wants to jump off the roof top now after reading this.My own entry should be executed at the very feet of your Brilliant work!! Hats off my dear !! Good Luck to you!! 8 Aug 2011 by

  • Awesome and well written, each of them are presented eloquently. Bravo ! 8 Aug 2011 by

  • Fantastic Depth and Quality to match ....It ticks all the boxes Jenny ...Well done ...Clever Poet that you are ! 9 Aug 2011 by

  • Jenny, I love your poet voice...it sings a melody of profound warmth and caring of all things beautiful. Dorothy A Poet Who Loves To Sing 9 Aug 2011 by

  • This Sonnets are so precious Jenny and what an amazing contribution this is for the competition. There has been so much crafting for you, but it has been worth it all. I like the other poets, particularly like the last one. And good luck!10 Aug 2011 by

  • Congratulations Jenny and I have just heard the news. All your efforts have been recognized and I am so happy for you! Three cheers for our very own Poetfreak Sonneteer!!!12 Aug 2011 by

  • Congratulations and Well Done Jenny! Hurrah!!!! :) Your beautiful trio of sonnets deserved no less!!!!! :) kath xxxx12 Aug 2011 by

  • Congrats. A winner. I enjoy all the texture and the easy flow of words plus your variety of expression.12 Aug 2011 by

  • A brilliant lesson of "beautiful English", for me, humble bigginer. Thank you , Jenny, for posting so sweet and tender poem. Really moving. Great contest winner!12 Aug 2011 by

  • Congratulations Jenny! A worthy winner. Beautiful work.13 Aug 2011 by

  • Congratulations - beautiful poem. The win is so deserved.. Pat13 Aug 2011 by

  • Congratulations Jenny; you deserved the crown and am so glad. such wonderful images you evoke, I loved all the three. thanks. You are right , it was a tough competition, but it was worth it, simply because I came across highly talented poets in the process.13 Aug 2011 by

  • Wow.. It's after the results were announced I began going, "Oh, what was happening here?" I see what was.. This is just wonderful.. :)16 Aug 2011 by

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