⋅ 23 August 2011
bild från Flickr
Photo from Flickr by atteysa

In my eyes

What do you see in my eyes?
I see childhood innocence and games
I see long-lost thoughts I used to meditate
I see questions: why, Mummy, why?
I see friends and birthday parties
And dresses that I would wear to play in the dirt.
What do you see in my eyes?
I see green treetops and moss
I see the place in the park where I would sit, alone
I see fairies dancing in the undergrowth
I see spring's sweet flowers
And the clear water of a singing stream.
What do you see in my eyes?
I see a longing for the stars
A longing for a time, years ago, that could not be
I see questions: why, Mother Earth, why?
I see sadness and joy, and wisdom and innocence
And a love that waits for me in the stars.
What do you see in my eyes?

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