⋅ 23 August 2011


A brown shirt,
Laugh lines,
Impish gaze,
Beautiful hands,
The way my heart stopped,
A much loved voice,
Vivid images,
Memories nonetheless.

Took a chance,
Said out loud;
Vulnerability exposed,
Bruised and abused.
Numbness prevailed,
Hope died a slow death.
Past lessons reviewed,
Same mistake, yet again.

Fell in love,
Gave my heart;
Unasked for,
Unwanted, a pesky burden,
Tossed away ever so far.
Cumulative hurt,
Bottled away again,
As busy life awaits.

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  • nicely penned. live and learn, laugh when you can25 Aug 2011 by

  • Thanks :)25 Aug 2011 by

  • Brave heart that takes a chance again, commendable, nothing to be ashamed of. Life's a gamble and we must move forward. Like your style!.... Welcome!28 Aug 2011 by

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