⋅ 24 August 2011

Inner Space

Inner Space

Formless beginnings—
like a pond's stilled surface,
it reflects through the depths.

Where the lover of life
shines, gleams brightly bathed
in intense sunlight with a knowing.

While the angry,
filled with fear,
appear dull and dimwitted.

The righteous is still the righteous
with their heart carved on the plate—
nourished, growing by giving.

While the bully is still the bully
with their heart submerged
in an inky darkness.

Their voices speak from the travail;
where they’ve created a domain
about themselves.

All is revealed by the words
spoken from their lips.

© RH Peat 8/18/2011

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  • love this. Great write24 Aug 2011 by

  • Really deep; Loved it.24 Aug 2011 by

  • Interesting and deep, love the last two lines.24 Aug 2011 by

  • What we are will be revealed by our spoken word- the depth of this piece is contained in the titile and backed by the first statement - thanks for the needed reminder Ron to look inside and examine our real self - you scribed the message in lines of insightful phrasing and of well chosen length.24 Aug 2011 by

  • This is about self realization, when collective becomes important and individual merges into the collective leaving behind selfishness and ego. Really beautiful, this is like sufi poets. Dunno if you heard of them, one was Kabir and he wrote about spirituality, self and the divine.Kabir was born in India in 1398 AD. He lived for 120 years and is said to have relinquished his body in 1518. Link to Kabir's poetry: http://www.boloji.com/index.cfm?md=Content&sd=DohaDetails&DohaID=124 Aug 2011 by

  • Such a real pleasure to read the master's work.Wonderful piece of poetry Ron.Enjoyed every line.24 Aug 2011 by

  • profound.... very deep...24 Aug 2011 by

  • very nice and meaningful, your opening lines are so beautiful. thanks for sharing this lovely piece.24 Aug 2011 by

  • Looking within we will find the true beauty of a person. The outter shell is minor, the inner self is major. great poem. And meaningful. 9 Sep 2011 by

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