⋅ 26 August 2011

Fight not Says Foresight

Never fight and wrongly quarrel
Sorrows may come in plural
Maintain peace is the moral
As peace is God's general

When you misunderstand
You throw dirtiest sand
Shake with evils hand
Grow thorns in heart-land

By angrily showing expression
You create a bad impression
And deviate from your mission
Develops possible depression

When your ideas are volatile
You follow a combative style
All your attempts turn futile
You catch tiger by the tail

Not fighting is a shrewd decision
It truly denotes ample for vision
It supplies to injured soul cushion
So kindly follow that noble fashion.



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  • A profoundly logical admonition. The enlightened souls of history have always counseled us to love our enemies. Exactly how you go about that, however, is always the part that seems to get left out.26 Aug 2011 by

  • If We all followed this good advice and only reached for peace,then there would be no wars or dictators and thus,no evil men on earth. A world without strife and arguing is like a scent of Heaven sent early. Nice poem! It would be nice if everybody would get along.26 Aug 2011 by

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