⋅ 11 September 2011

Season of Joy

Chirping birds, colorful flowers
Are the harbingers of spring,
They sprout to life and as they come,
A lot of joy they bring.

Trees bend with new fruits and flowers,
Which they prepare to give,
To the world and thank the God,
For the wonderful life they live.

Butterflies hover here and there,
Buds wake up from their sleep,
Cool breeze blows, plants shiver,
Of joy, they seem to leap.

Rivers flow with elegance,
Down the hills, into the sea,
Which accepts the drops which merge in it
Like its own huge family.

I wish to sing like a nightingale,
With many beautiful trills,
And, like Wordsworth I wish to
Dance with the daffodils!!

Everyone from insects to the humans,
Celebrate life on earth,
All seem to thank the Almighty,
For having given them birth.

This celebration brings a
New freshness to my mind,
I realize, in expressing joy,
We humans are far behind.

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