⋅ 11 September 2011

A Prayer for Jon London

A Prayer for Jon London

Sun filtering warmth
Through Silver Oak trees,
As I meditate,
Resting my back
The trunk.

Only sound
Of Holy Ganges,
Gurgling in the vicinity…
Birds paying
Homage quietly
From the top of tree…

Jon, my thoughts
And prayers are
For you,
In this
Abode of Gods!

Nobody goes
Empty handed
From here, such is
Power of faith!

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  • A beautiful prayer for jon..I am sure he will be happy when he listens to it11 Sep 2011 by

  • Amen...11 Sep 2011 by

  • a great prayer for jon. amen.11 Sep 2011 by

  • A noble prayer, verses of beauty.11 Sep 2011 by

  • What a wonderful place to appeal in prayer for Jon's health- -Mamta he will be really upbuilt by this.11 Sep 2011 by

  • powerful poem11 Sep 2011 by

  • Beyond a prayer that's so strong!11 Sep 2011 by

  • A wonderful prayer for Jon, so lovely Mamta11 Sep 2011 by

  • A superb prayer Mamta and the first stanza especially drew me in to the glory of nature, love and power of faith. This special prayer is written by a lady with a beautiful heart~12 Sep 2011 by

  • Yes,Mamta, such is the power of faith, and we have conveyed it to Jon. I know, your prayers will reach heaven..It comes from a pure heart like you. I join you with this prayer, too.12 Sep 2011 by

  • straight from the heart...13 Sep 2011 by

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