⋅ 12 September 2011
bild från Flickr
Photo from Flickr by ykarelic

~ ~ orange blossom breeze ~ ~

air bursting with scent
bees burrow like babes to breast
seeking sweet nectar

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  • remarkable haiku12 Sep 2011 by

  • great...12 Sep 2011 by

  • Hmmmm the Orange blossom lovely.12 Sep 2011 by

  • Lovely words.Truly befits the picture.12 Sep 2011 by

  • great imagery, just lovely........12 Sep 2011 by

  • I love the way you have presented the title as I can almost feel the breeze blow. Superb imagery too Robyn~12 Sep 2011 by

  • Great haiku. Lovely. tfs12 Sep 2011 by

  • Brilliant imagery in this heartwarming haiku!12 Sep 2011 by

  • wow fantastic12 Sep 2011 by

  • Great work!!12 Sep 2011 by

  • So Sweet !!12 Sep 2011 by

  • a brilliant haiku Robyn....wonderful to read12 Sep 2011 by

  • Wish that we had more Orange Blossom in the U.K ..Robyn. We best settle for a sweet Poem ...being as close as we can get.13 Sep 2011 by

  • Natures cycle the bees have to ride...luvli sweet poem ...regards14 Sep 2011 by

  • Our orange tree is full of blossom, the fragrance is intoxicating. A lovely haiku Robyn17 Sep 2011 by

  • Aww... What a sweet simile here, Robyn! It displays a beautiful moment.. A poem photograph indeed! Loved it!17 Sep 2011 by

  • A delightful Haiku to celebrate before winter Robyn.Love it so much.20 Sep 2011 by

  • Beautifully constructed Haiku, Robyn.20 Sep 2011 by

  • Wonderful piece of imagery, enhanced by skilful use of alliteration. Quite brilliant!26 Sep 2011 by

  • Wow! Awesome! Superb! Impressive! Not a word out of place and nigh exquisite in rendering that wonderful reality of pollination and the wondrous pleasures it affords mankind as propagation flourishes. Lovely!27 Sep 2011 by

  • A suckers-day should be announced by the world-authority. at least we can send this piece of poem in attachment... Radiation is much active of these three lines. Marvelous. unique the reciprocate match with the pic.28 Sep 2011 by

  • Just beautiful.... Pat29 Sep 2011 by

  • Lovely metaphor, few words that convey much. 2 Oct 2011 by

  • sweet 8 Oct 2011 by

  • What an amazing simile. Short and sweet 9 Oct 2011 by

  • Awesome! One of the best haikus i've read in a long time! A Fav. Recommended. 6 Jan 2012 by

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