⋅ 14 September 2011

A Senior Citizens Lament

Getting old is not so bad
so I tell myself each day.
I'm just glad I got here.
I'm thankful for each day.

Old age has it's moments'
some are good, some annoy
All those senior discounts
are some things I enjoy.

Old age isn't boring,
something new hurts each day
telling me I'm still alive,
a good thing you might say.

Those books on the bottom shelf
I'll never get to read
I just can't get down there.
Old age is tough indeed.

There are other drawbacks.
Some to painful to write down.
Some will surely make you smile
while some will cause a frown.

Getting old is not so bad
with all the aches and pain.
I'm among the lucky
that I can still complain.

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  • Healthy soul at all May long live! Good luck...............................getting old is not so bad?14 Sep 2011 by

  • Stay strong...You are good! Enjoyed your verse. Dorothy A Poet Who Loves To Sing14 Sep 2011 by

  • You can still write a great poem so you are not getting too old. stay young.14 Sep 2011 by

  • A great write Ron.... You are not old if you can write the way you do....15 Sep 2011 by

  • Old is gold and old is getting wiser and yes you are not old!15 Sep 2011 by

  • Being old is a privilege not everyone can have.15 Sep 2011 by

  • I had to smile at this Ron as I can relate!!! When someone asks me what is it like to get old, I tell them it's much better than the alternative. Great fun write, thank you .... Pat15 Sep 2011 by

  • Old age comes to us all hopefully....... a light hearted look at the pitfalls of old age, but you are young at heart Ron, nice write15 Sep 2011 by

  • Old is all in the mind, I feel I am getting younger23 Nov 2011 by

  • Old age still shines with courage because the body becomes old not the soul. Soul is ever conscious and energetic. Wonderful poem shared on. Nicely penned poem. 4 Dec 2014 by

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