⋅ 25 October 2011

Dipawali or festival of lights

We are celebrating festival of lights
To greet each other with a vow not to fight
Improve upon relation and shun the hatred
Happiness to all life to spend peacefully and lead

Some of the festivals carry deep meaning
It prevent some people from demeaning
There is clear indication with message behind
So much vastness and alternatives to find

It follows right after rainy season
The house may be spoiled with many reasons
It may provide ample chance to clean and repair
The house may be given fresh outlook with fresh air

Its name as implies with total boycott of darkness
Bring in light and show the shine on the face
Invite the wealth goddess to come and permanently stay
Make them prosperous with new avenues and ways

Alas! I could wish with free mind
To all people who were unkind
With a bouquet in hand
Invite them as real friend

I wish their heart to open
Not fully but slight even
As it may make way
Hatred and rage may also go away

I have only few words
Well wishes to look forward
Let darkness disappear
Let almighty give us patience to bear

Such festivals come and go
Yet their importance we can’t forgo
It is vital for out civil obedience
They may prevail on us with their presence

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  • A superb composition emitting light. Instead of cursing darkness just light a candle and feel its delight.25 Oct 2011 by

  • Diwali, the festival of lights, has now become a National festival, which integrates all the religions together to celebrate this event. It is a festival mostly for the children who enjoy bursting crackers in the streets with all their friends. Most of the employers give bonus to their employees to make the festival a grand success. A nice poem high lighting this festival in Muse India. Rajaram Ramachandran, Juhu, Mumbai Oct 27,201128 Oct 2011 by

  • Leila Mariam Farouk i tell you this is pure positive philosophy.i like the poem very much 6 hours ago · Like28 Oct 2011 by

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