⋅ 7 November 2011

Power of Prayer

Covered in love
And the grace of your touch
Lord Jesus our saviour
We ask of you much

We ask for forgiveness
And we ask for much wealth
We ask for successes
And we ask for good health

For love and for peace
And to conquer the bad
And many more things
I'm sure we could add

But our asks and our queries
Are never too great
As you silently listen
For it’s never too late

To fold up our hands
And whisper a prayer
Of our deepest desires
And the power to bear

The stress of the day
And the darkness of night
And things made of sadness
And when we lose sight

You take all our hands
As you guide us on through
Today and tomorrow
Till we're finally with you


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  • the most important thing we can ask for is forgiveness . When forgiven all will be well in our lives. God will enter and make a way where is no way. thankful. lovely prayer. 8 Nov 2011 by

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