⋅ 8 November 2011

In the middle

Surrounded by
a wall of people,
I cried,
saddened by
my solitude.

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  • Sometimes the more people that are there the lonelier we can feel. Simple words that express a very sad situation. Many blessings.... Pat 8 Nov 2011 by

  • Just to have a little peace and quiet can be a blessing sometimes. nice. 8 Nov 2011 by

  • A meaningful, antithetical write. 8 Nov 2011 by

  • Alone in a crowd. Everybody feel that way sometimes. This is more serious, I think, isolation (wall of people), or even alienation. 8 Nov 2011 by

  • Great write! 8 Nov 2011 by

  • So true and we can be really lonely in a crowd. The wall of people works well. A succinct write with a deep and meaningful message. 9 Nov 2011 by

  • Liked your usage of phrases- wall of people/my solitude...we often feel lonely in a crowd by way of losing our vision or identity...short, expressive, nice10 Nov 2011 by

  • even in a crowd we are all alone..very true12 Nov 2011 by

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