⋅ 9 November 2011

Come September

Come September

Come September,
Can’t help
But remember;

You an autumn child,
In manner
Mellow and mild

Me, came
Kicking in spring-
A Ram, a lot wild!

But look what time did;
You went in spring
Me, in autumn you miss.

But in my mind’s eye,
You still twenty
Something sis!

My older sibling,
You still my guide
In trying times!

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  • A very poignant piece but very well written against the backdrop of the seasons... a great tribute to your older sibling. 9 Nov 2011 by

  • A beautiful and affectionate poetic tribute to your elder sis. 9 Nov 2011 by

  • Love this Mamta. Kicking in the spring, a ram a lot wild. thats a ram girl. :) 9 Nov 2011 by

  • Mamta ji, a very beautiful verse. After a long time I had the wonderful taste of your poetry. Thank you. 9 Nov 2011 by

  • A fine tribute to your sister of missing seasons. Heart is a Calendar? 9 Nov 2011 by

  • A great tribute to your dear sister ! The title reminded me of the signature tune from the Rock Hudson -Doris Day movie - "Come September" ! -Raj10 Nov 2011 by

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