⋅ 28 November 2011

Natural part

I am ardent lover of females and admire their part
As they have lots of confusion from where to start
What to accept and what to reject!
There is lot of stress, strain and needed to act

As female so many things are to be compromised
Maintain the tight schedule and stand firma as promised
There is every possibility of getting blame all the times
Yet she is the only person to take us out from difficult times

It will be totally unfair not to give them full credit
There contribution and sacrifice can be written on long sheet
Each page may speak of uphill task faced by them
As enough of care is needed for plant to come out of stem

Male counterparts on the other hand try to be worry free
No tensions at all, go round and make it merry
Whether study or not, every one will love and pin hope
Not much of regret even if he fares badly and flops

How much she has to take at home and outside
Her area of influence is stretched very wide
Even thought she may not be that much appreciated
But role played by her is dominant and definitely noted

World is so cruel at them and inflict several injuries
Add to pain and woes to clearly push into miseries
Thank God, now a day they have become empowered
Yet enough of it has been disregarded and their honor lowered

Basically human being is considered as wild animal
Some of the inherent qualities still same on arrival
He may go wild and do anything to molest woman
For a friction of second he may forget that he is good man

How can one feel secure under such circumstances?
There are lots of raps and murder cases and can be quoted as instances
Yet they are not as strong as they should have been
They are essentially a strong force and must be everywhere seen

No one can think of forgoing natural part
Male and female has different role to play and can’t depart
Let both remain at central place and prove as dominating force
So there is no excuse and reason to feel remorse

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  • sky high yes women this days are a bit strong and more smarter than before....men sometimes downgraded us when we are more intelligent than them thru sexual inuendos and harassment...whatever comes out of it..women stands out from anything....kudos ladies!!!! thanks hasmukh!!!!30 Nov 2011 by

  • Mutiu Olawuyi thanks for this wonderful contribution! 24 minutes ago via mobile · Like30 Nov 2011 by

  • » Rana Jairaj Y.. She rubs her chin or touches her cheek. This indicates that she's thinking about you and her relating in some way... 1 Dec 2011 by

  • Marina KONE nice 1 Dec 2011 by

  • Deepak Kumar .. Experience of whole life about a female you had mentioned here ! 1 Dec 2011 by

  • Elżbieta Kry.. nice.... 1 Dec 2011 by

  • Rebecca Soto Wow! You're writing is amazing! 4 minutes ago · Like 2 Dec 2011 by

  • Catherine Zickgraf Sorry, but the man in the story in the photo is a coward--in the US, we'd call him a pussy. 10 hours ago · Like 3 Dec 2011 by

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