⋅ 3 December 2011

...But I Like Rain

At my present rate of musings on the natural surroundings, rainy days and sunny, etc. come in repeatedly. Yet since they're mixed with other reflections are they any more tolerable? I dread a silent response....but.

(sonnet # CCCLVI)

There's solace somehow in the grey forlorn,
As whether light's effects or fair romance
Entwine to make the dismal sing? Enhance
Just where the soul half searching comfort mourns,
And finds what might console, so subtly bourne
In faint sweet rosy blushes' trim perchance;
In streets' surreal-tinged mien; e'en the expanse
Of sodden stript trees' varied hues ne'er scorns.
Late Autumn's heavens often o'ercast by
The wand'ring racks give way anon to rains;
Ere Winter's chill create bright snow to fly
In flutt'ring daintiness all round; whose strains
Of chastity have cheer, their pureness nigh
Exquisite; yet above the show'rs refrains?


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  • I dont mind the rain my dogs hate it, brill write Jenny 3 Dec 2011 by

  • You really do justice to the magic of seasons and the elements... a lovely write. 3 Dec 2011 by

  • Your much better than that T.V. weatherperson tfs 4 Dec 2011 by

  • Another gorgeous sonnet, Jenny. i live in a parched Southwestern desert. WHen it does rain we sometimes go outside just to stand under it. i say Bring it! 4 Dec 2011 by

  • The weather is dreary here - snow, in fact - and I find I like the beauty of "grey forlorn . . . to make the dismal sing" - a pretty assessment of the beauty of dark weather. "Surreal-tinged mien" is also nice - it's a word I like, mien, from the Raven - and the last question could be taken a few ways. Oh, and I suspect Ralph Jones below is not so parched at the moment! 5 Dec 2011 by

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