⋅ 6 December 2011

At dawn, one day in December

I look and look,

Its just as orange

As I colored

It with my wax

As a child;

I got a zero for my drawing!


It rankled, until

Today, on cold December,

As we are the only two up,

I realise,

with glee

My teacher had never seen

The Sun rise,

And dawn light!

I look it in the eye

And triumphantly smile!

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  • I love this pastel drawing! 6 Dec 2011 by

  • so innocently purely said cheers to this verse 6 Dec 2011 by

  • Beautiful and innocent writing Mamta. 7 Dec 2011 by

  • Sweet poem, poor teacher was color blind. 7 Dec 2011 by

  • precious things in life are unseen most of the times! 7 Dec 2011 by

  • I enjoyed this write Mamta - it is true that in our childhood we were blessed with the most unimaginative teachers!! I can really relate to this write... 7 Dec 2011 by

  • Things seen as a child are so pure. Nice write. 8 Dec 2011 by

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