⋅ 9 December 2011

Where have all the children gone

Where have all the children gone
The play grounds never used

The running and the hide an seek
Counting and laughing in two's!

In it's place a lighted screen
Friends of cyborg space

No more little tree house
No more club or meeting place

The basket balls bound in the wind
The swings flow with the breeze

No more rolling in the grass
down the hill, with grass stain knees

Rover looking hopeful, at the door
While they feed a virtual pet

No need for an umbrella
They never go outside to get wet

But in front of the PC tube
Is where they will stay

Hypnotized by this silver screen
Is where they want to play

by Cathy E. Hodgson

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  • Great Cat..........AS THEY'RE SCARED OF HUMAN BOMBS? 9 Dec 2011 by

  • great write Cat, times have changed since we were kids, now kids grow up too fast. sad 9 Dec 2011 by

  • Where those boyhood days are gone! Now the world confined to laptop screen. lol 9 Dec 2011 by

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