⋅ 17 December 2011

Hey...It Snowed!

Hahaha, if you've read the previous sonnet, mayhap you'll understand how the surprise of snow succeeded in rooting me out of bed with inspiration when my alarm could not! Indeed, the challenge sets the dedicated in the mindset to seek inspiration as soon as the new day declares its existence (yes, I have contemplated beginning a new day just after midnight! yet thus far have declined to consider it acceptable).
Our first snow was a light dusting. The second was a heavier dusting. This one is finally a "light snow," or so I was told. Eager for some time now to write snow sonnets, here's one in tribute to the third visitation.

(sonnet # CCCXC)

Ere dawn rose to bestow light's blessing, while
The world by night's dim veil still drowsy lay
'Neath darkness' heavy blanket, in the grey
White softly glowed in brightness, like a smile
Just faintly gracing gloom with cheer. No pile,
But delicate nigh lambent lace' array
On all, bare trees so gently clothed 'gain, yea
In beaut'ous dress stood. What exquisite style!
Day crept in sans its heralds, falling snow
Obscuring its dear wonted entrance, e'er
But subtly wafting down in silence, slow
And steady, unperceived yet thrilling fair.
Late waning, it left this world half aglow,
Adorned in Winter's treasured, chaste, pure flair.


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