⋅ 30 December 2011

A bird flying through mist

[In my maternal village, I once saw a bird, whose identity
still escapes me, flying one fine winter morning over
the nearby field. A truly pleasant morning sight!
Some words ]

Behind winter’s soul your stature concealed
but your motion through this vapory sky
cleaves open the mist till upon my eyes
you scatter your charm thus with wonder filled
my senses revel and solitude yields
to every beat of your wings and my sighs.
Through diligence your unsung hardship cries
which your flight’s view acquaints me with. Like fields
that in wet chill and wintry dryness stand,
your feathery body endures this cold.
Wreathed your labor shall be with garland
of fertility. Young wings shall unfold
and through season-hued skies as they ascend
the fields shall have molded lush rural gold.

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  • Thanks for sharing this pleasant sight of a bird flying across the fields with us through this poem full of rich imagery......30 Dec 2011 by

  • Funny how our minds work. Ever find yourself questioning why you remeber certain things?30 Dec 2011 by

  • A most eloquent sonnet of an unknown bird's journey and with a good introduction to add to the flavour this had made the taste of your fine narration even more pleasant this morning Nils.30 Dec 2011 by

  • As Fay has already mentioned , it is indeed a lovely sonnet ! I just completed the literary history of sonnets for incorporating some parts in my Part Four of 'Story of English' ! You have followed the classical rhyme scheme in the true Petrarchan style ! Thanks for sharing ! -Raj30 Dec 2011 by

  • i love this poem... i know nothing about the craft!30 Dec 2011 by

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