⋅ 5 January 2012

A Year in Haiku

Delightful display
Of snowdrops bowing white heads
To the sun’s glory.

Green buds now appear
Indicating spring will soon
Energise us all.

Lambs gambol in fields
Frisky with the joys of life
Bleating happily.

Bluebells standing proud
Beneath trees now sparsely dressed
With freshest green leaves.

Much awaited sound
Echoes through forest and copse -
Cuckoo’s arrival.

Parks and gardens burst
With sounds and vibrant colours
Perfect harmony.

Beaches become full
Of families having fun
In sand and big waves.

Ripe golden harvest
Burning sun in azure skies
Labours rewarded.

Swallows congregate
On telephone wires ready
To migrate down south.

Red and gold leaves fall,
Crunchy as cornflakes beneath
Feet on a crisp morn.

Frosty webs sparkle
In the early morning sun
Brightly bejewelled.

First few flakes of snow
Dust gardens like icing on
A chocolate cake.

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  • hats off to your creation 5 Jan 2012 by

  • A beautiful colorful year. 5 Jan 2012 by

  • A great haiku series covering the 12 months of the year.. 5 Jan 2012 by

  • This was amazing. I was going to choose my favourites but they were all so good, but if I had to November and December would be the ones I'd choose. Recommending.... Pat 5 Jan 2012 by

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