⋅ 5 February 2010

Fatal Flaw

We're watching
and we’re waiting
and we’re loving
and we’re hating
as the whore of
greed is slowly
passing by

Every thief and
every banker lifts
a frosty mug to
thank her while
the widow wipes
a tear beneath
her eye

But the politician
smiles as the cash
is stacked in piles
while the price of
crude is soaring
to the sky

And the folks who
rule the planet take
the whole damn
thing for granite
plucking fiddles
while the children
slowly die

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  • This is one heck of a cadence you've got going here- seems like pure Patrick on a roll!15 Oct 2011 by

  • Fantastic (I've overused "awesome" long ere now)!!! Where can we post this telling piece that it may cheer the downtrodden and irk the oppressors? Impressive and too fun in the wonderful flow and rhyming, coupled with the subtle intelligence crying ineffectively against it all. I am absolutely adoring your skill the more I read. Tops! 5 stars.24 Jan 2012 by

  • In the fight between the mind and soul for control of the communal body of man (the soul being a divine thing, the mind, a feral construct), It's apparent (to me) the soul has lost the last few rounds. Let's hope it get's a second wind fast... if not faster. 5 Feb 2012 by

  • So true and they also are in denial of climate change..fabulous write!25 Jan 2013 by

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