⋅ 12 January 2012

Oh, (dear?!) Winter!

Ah, guess what?! No, let's see whether I can refrain from spilling the beans this time. It is lovely and finding myself struggling to write after spending some hours studying philosophy, a nature tribute seemed a likely greaser of the wheels, which happily it was. La, but 'twas a struggle to write, my heart not being in it for once. Does it make sense? Enjoy?

(sonnet # CCCCLVI)

Descending gently, steady, quite like rain,
Yet settling ev'rywhere in purest white,
First frosting lightly pavement, cars, unites
The scen'ry, as day ages, in that reign,
That softest fluffy Winter's counterpane
Called...snow! Its kingdom gracef'lly decked, delights;
In tasteful dear chaste garniture, sere's plight
Now solaced by its soft'ning touch would feign
Be nigh as dear as e'er before. Nor bare
But clothed in sweetest lingerie, the trees'
Boughs, branches, delicate twigs charmed, ensnare
The wand'ring glance, enchant to ecstasies.
While Life lies buried in Thy chill, Thou'rt fair,
Aye, tender still, Love trimming e'en Thy freeze.


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  • I hate winter but good write12 Jan 2012 by

  • Sounds like winter returned. It always is great to be lead to a winter scene.12 Jan 2012 by

  • 'But clothed in sweetest lingerie, the trees' Jenny you do have a great imagination - Loved this winter sonnet with all your great imagery... Bravo Ms Sonneteer!13 Jan 2012 by

  • Reads well like Wuthering Heights. Well done ...nice work .13 Jan 2012 by

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