⋅ 19 January 2012

A visit to my home town

A Visit to my Home Town

On that November noon, as we drove in
To my home town, at the foot of Shivalik hills!
I realised, why it is so close to my heart,
This is where my parents gave me a start.

So many fond memories come rushing in.
It seems yesterday I was a kid creating din.
My nephew who had got posted to my town,
Urged me, Aunt why don’t you come down.

Saying, he had waited to see the city,
And through my eyes, make memories.
I recall he was tall, lanky and all of ten,
When he came for my wedding celebrations!

Now he is a renowned heart surgeon,
Kind, compassionate and a genial person!
I rang him when a family wedding took me there,
Well son, let me show you around now that I am here.

So we drove into the city beautiful.
For mid November it was pretty cool.
My heart was swelling with pride,
As I pointed to him different sights;

Rose garden here is best you will find
In entire Asia, don’t look surprised.
Big, small, frail, exotic, pale multi hued,
Flowers were covered with droplets of dew.

Later we drove to my sprawling alma mater
And showed him where I got my love for literature,
Recounting tales of our famous escapades
How my bespectacled professor regaled

Us, while teaching us in his inimitable style, Yeats!
Oh, how overwhelmed I felt once inside the gates.
Later I told him lets just park the Chevrolet,
And pay some money to the attendant.

We walked at a leisurely pace, and I pointed out,
Library, auditorium and canteen- our favourite haunt
Steaming hot cups of tea and samosas
Can you believe all for just thirty paise?

The avenue was lined with eucalyptus trees,
Birds were chirping flitting about free.
As we caught with each others lives,
We realised we had come far and walked miles.

We had reached a village with dense mango groves,
We lingered and amused watched cocks and crows.
As we drove back home, I said much hasn’t changed,
Although I have been away from here for decades!

My home town – Chandigarh- city beautiful

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  • Beautiful nostalgic write. My memory flashed back to my visit to my alma mater, at Vidya Vihar, Pilani, with my daughter a couple of years back after a gap of more than 47 years. It was a memorable visit. It's an oasis in the desert.19 Jan 2012 by

  • a lovely nostalgic write Mamta, thanks19 Jan 2012 by

  • Nice nostalgic poem.19 Jan 2012 by

  • A nice nostalgic poem I just read - as I close my day's work now ! Completing Marlowe & Faustus ! -Raj19 Jan 2012 by

  • A wonderful re visit of your home town with such vivid write. Thanks as if I too visited your home town.19 Jan 2012 by

  • beautiful memories to visit..you write such lovely tribute.. Cat19 Jan 2012 by

  • I thoroughly enjoyed this adventure through your home town and looked it up on the internet and found pictures of Chandigarh. What an amazing age we are in for me to do this. I could feel your pride and love for your hometown and was happy to see you have Eucalyptus trees too!21 Jan 2012 by

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