⋅ 23 January 2012

A Place For Me

Let me read your poems of faraway places,
Across wild, roiling tempestuous seas,
And visualize strange new foreign faces
Smiling 'neath palm trees swept by a hot breeze.

Let me read your tales of different lands,
Of exotic mountains and calm rivers,
Of clay pottery crafted by soft hands,
Of hungry lions feasting on gnu livers.

Let me read your stories of strange wildlife,
Of thousands of colorfully plumed birds,
Of the fierce leopard causing fear and strife,
Of lush forests too beautiful for words.

Tell me of the flat-topped acacia trees,
Of watching gold Serengeti sunsets,
Of seeing a large kudu as it flees,
Of why an elephant never forgets.

Tell me of the proud lion's mating tryst,
Of rainbows over Victoria Falls,
Of hippos disappearing in the mist,
Of a lonely hyena's mournful calls.

Let me hear and feel your words of romance,
Of memories of the passion we shared,
Or our first kiss at our old school's big dance,
Of theat moonlit night you told me you cared.

Let me read your poems of land and sea,
Let me gaze into your eyes of deep blue
And peer into your lovely heart to see
If in it, there's still a place for me too.

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  • Let me see your heart dear poet to see your precious paintings!23 Jan 2012 by

  • Such a moving and heartfelt verse Carl. - - a place you will certainly have in poet's' hearts. Really fine piece.23 Jan 2012 by

  • A beautiful poem Carl - I agree with Fay you definitely have a place in poets' hearts.23 Jan 2012 by

  • I am quite sure there is Your words brought tears to my eyes I don't know why23 Jan 2012 by

  • beautifully written Carl. there will always be a place for you in the poets heart. very sweet and tender poem.24 Jan 2012 by

  • A beautiful poem Carl...Tender! Dorothy A Poet Who Loves To Sing25 Jan 2012 by

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