⋅ 30 January 2012

Time Changes

Author's Note: Taking your life by one person can be a total meltdown to others.

For the past to the present,
My heart lied to make me realize.
It was too much sorrowed to be maintained.
Only you made my life the place I want to escape.

Digging for your grave,
Coming back from your side won't be a myth.
Wishing for the distance to be advance..
I can't stand to be saved by you.

Who I became was not by the awaken.
Hold me inside the darkness..
Where you will never follow or find me.
The darkness is my friend, you're the enemy.

Dying days and lack of mystery,
It's time to move on from the evil love.
My faith, my life, you won't take over,
My revenge is just your karma.

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