⋅ 31 January 2012

...Be Mine?

And as dear Meggie's latest contest reminds, Valentines Day is only two weeks away now! While I am thinking about trying to make her specified prompt into a sonnet, here's another (characteristically unpopular) valentine tribute to Mr. Dreamboy.

(sonnet # DVIII)

If just one day of ev'ry year sufficed
To make me thine, would all the dreary rest
Be equally sublime? We'd ne'er distressed,
Nor lost in ecstasies, but Love had spiced
We'd find? Until whate'er we'd sacrificed
To His demands was somehow by Him blest,
Aye worth it all at last, by Him caressed?
We'd thank Him as at first that He'd enticed?
When clear-face Dawn in blushing romance greets,
Suffused in tender pinks and baby blues,
By winsome serenades anon repeats
The wonder of fresh dew in golden muse,
We'll trade again, Dear Valentine, our sweets,
In Love's embrace lost, thankful that He woos.


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  • A gently crafted gem to celebrate the annual festivity, complete with winsome serenades and baby blues. I still remember passing around those little paper be-my valentines at school, and everybody seemed to have a handful of those little candied hearts that said all kinds of things. A fun read.31 Jan 2012 by

  • A fun juggle between the capitalized pronouns and Love, the entity to which they may refer, if they do not imply the Almighty. Lots of good sounds here: "just one day of ev'ry year"; "Suffused in tender pinks"; "wonder of fresh dew in golden muse"; and with a touching ending, just one day, you say, to trade and be thankful. A thankful Valentine! What a wonderful thought. I'm glad the error on the website went away so I could read this before leaving work today.31 Jan 2012 by

  • A superb Valentine Sonnet Jenny... I love the closing lines...Recommended 1 Feb 2012 by

  • a beautiful valentine Sonnet Jenny. 1 Feb 2012 by

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