⋅ 7 February 2012


In a familiar place
My home is invaded
By strangers
I am alone
Misused by strangers
The words don't leave me alone
Of these strangers
Every word said
That could have a direction at me
I am the target
For the words
Of a stranger
I am alone
They wonder why
Half sarcastically
The other half not
Casually I've spoken
Of myself too often
To the eyes of a stranger
Who don't want to read
Unable to care
I am a stranger
I am alone
I go back to find them
Longing for a stranger
From time to time
To talk to
But they've run away
My home is lonely
Without a stranger
It shows me
I have not grown up
Childish fools stay alone
If they hate me
Why shouldn't I
Hate this part of myself
That draws them away?
It's humiliation
That draws me away
From a stranger
Though I do nothing
But speak to them
They get nothing from words
That I want to give
They have their lives
The life of a stranger
And I have mine
That I do not want altered
By a stranger
So I am alone
For it to be
My eternity
Because life doesn't change
For the changeless
I accept my fate
And break the ties
That have fallen loose
With my strangers
I am no friend
So it seems
To a stranger

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