⋅ 13 February 2012

Twelfth Haiku

Inspired by K R Brandli's terrific Haiku "the Pretty Moon"

A silver lining
in midnight's ancient slumber
glistens on water

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  • A beautiful picture painted in these three lovely lines..... Pat13 Feb 2012 by

  • A wonderful haiku...tfs Patrick13 Feb 2012 by

  • simple, lovely and radiant lines, Patrick13 Feb 2012 by

  • Woooow sipmple and lovely I can picture that scene.13 Feb 2012 by

  • "ancient" is the word which makes the writing different from picturising the momentary image. The word extends the span of intelligence where imagery lost its hypnotic charm. Another essence of philosophy inclines.13 Feb 2012 by

  • Moons midnight wonder penned ...Regards13 Feb 2012 by

  • Nice image of the silver moon Patrick.13 Feb 2012 by

  • I can just about picture the moon reflecting off the water, gracing the night with an almost serene glow. Quite a write.13 Feb 2012 by

  • To my mind, this piece provides plenty of inspiration of its own.14 Feb 2012 by

  • The indulgence of reading your superb reflections is the amazing cleverness that forever dances forth to tantalize. La, if I could only write haikus like you. Awesome, impressive, fantastic, marvelous. What imagery so richly laden with layers. I am nigh floored. Wonderful.18 Feb 2012 by

  • So beautiful are these words! Dorothy A Poet Who Loves To Sing 1 Mar 2012 by

  • exquisite... has me holding my breath in wonder... superb 3 Mar 2012 by

  • Thank you for the dedication, Patrick. Wonderfully evocative haiku.24 Mar 2012 by

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