⋅ 13 February 2012

Maelstrom Of Memories

Walking down a street
where we lived many years ago,
the faces behind the doors
are not the same anymore.
As we walk, we look back
at a time that inherited our name.
Remembering the times there
in the maelstrom of memories
that come flooding back
to haunt us with faces
of that long ago.
Our head spins as we walk
stepping back into our yesterdays
with its happiness, sadness
and grief that came our way.
We stumble over things
we had forgotten long ago
as we are overtaken
in a maelstrom of memories.

13 February 2012

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  • Ahh... memories. Some sweet and some sad. You have captured your tender feelings admirably. Happy days.....Jerry (*_*)13 Feb 2012 by

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