⋅ 15 February 2012

Change Nothing

It seems nothing matters, isn't it strange?
Nothing's the one thing that never will change.
Nothing's no object, no faith, no art
Call out to nothing and give up your part.

It seems we're so selfish but nobody cares
Yet nothing's the one thing everyone shares.
So let's bow our heads and offer a prayer
All up to nothing 'cause we know nothing's there.

But only accept it when lost, all alone
Nothing's the one thing you have on your own.
Nobody's listening and nothing is there.
Nobody's nothing and nobody cares.

If one thing of nothing was something more
Nothing would change and would be no more.
So embrace the unseen, the damaged and strange.
Embrace nothing and nothing will change.

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  • A wonderful poem about nothing, nothing else to say......15 Feb 2012 by

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