⋅ 16 February 2012

Fantasy Build-Up

Author's Note: the lovers will find their ways. Love when time comes, so never doubt its work.

You build up for dreams,
you build me up for goals.
The love you had and you put it in a jar.
It's the way of you being yourself.

Roses an our revolutions
Our progress and it's process.
Feels like the relaxation of freedom
Stones and its walls could never keep us apart.

You drew the present's gift
All I want is you to be with me.
I could never give you up easily, Ever!
It's time for you to grow up beside me.

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  • for some love stays 'put in a jar,' their bars are beyond 'stones and its walls'... however, for most... love will find a way16 Feb 2012 by

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