⋅ 16 February 2012


Silence reigns.
I let my mind
Play in the rain.

My thoughts are wet
Dripping down my soul.

It is cold
It is cold
The skin cries in vain

My mind plays in the rain
I the soul, lost all the stains.

I the soul, and mind,
In highest contemplation
In nothingness I become but everything.

┬ęcyclopseven. All rights reserved 16022012

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  • the last line intrigues me16 Feb 2012 by

  • In nothingness I become but everything. Sometimes everything is insufficient. All we need is to be ourselves. This is a strong write, somewhat repetetive, but strong. We are beings that need to keep moving forward. Eventually we find ourselves. If'n you don't mind, I'm gonna toss this into my recommended pile. Great write.16 Feb 2012 by

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