⋅ 21 February 2012


In front of an old Museum
on the road,
A street girl
murmurs a lullaby
to her headless ragged doll!
And the Historians rushed
to see the Napoleon's sword
that has beheaded the masses?

for Patrick McFarland!

nimal dunuhinga

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  • Unique ! Fantastic lullaby for the headless ragged dolls. Unique again I repeat. Thank you much. Swords are now old, but keep the strength to turn the cannon head towards the neo-Napoleans.22 Feb 2012 by

  • Very interesting. Excellent connection, though a tad intriguing still, between the destitute lassie and the likewise mentally destitute adults. I like it. Patrick, eh? Lucky soul. 1 Mar 2012 by

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