⋅ 23 February 2012

All The Stars Fell

It was a night of falling comets
In a moonless star filled sky
As I sat in the darkness
On my front porch
Watching in total amazement
At the beauty of nature before me

It was a wondrous night
And an almost magical moment
As the falling stars
Dancing high in the heavens above
Chased the darkness from the sky
Dripping down like a fiery celestial rain

It was a lonely night
As I watched this magnificence alone
Wanting you here beside me
Longing to hold you close
So I made one single wish
On a million falling stars

I wished
I wished
For you to be there with me
And kept on wishing
For you to find me
Until all the stars fell

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  • Such a beautiful poem... A love poem to my delight, Sir. Dorothy A Poet Who Loves To Sing23 Feb 2012 by

  • Ah I could picture that beautiful night and all the stars lovely.23 Feb 2012 by

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