⋅ 23 February 2012

Eyes of Sunshine

Eyes of sunshine blazing
the sight is so amazing
the earth below is revolving
the beauty is evolving

a picturesque scape of abstract views
divine intelligence of vibrant hues
painting the world with my mind
these eyes a window to what I find

this canvas laid out so delicatelty
to embrace the artists exquisite glory
pulchritudinous in fine detail
unscathed the hands that could never fail

striking appearance of celestial illusion
fined tuned concinnity of a perfect conclusion
mental error unnoticed to public eye
the beauty of a lasting goodbye

words oozing from ear to ear
to describe the sunshine that I draw clear
radiant passion of the artist's imagination
the words define the majestic illustration

my forte is writing rhymes
metaphoric use that could catch a crime
these gifts I take a day at atime
these eyes of sunshine make my world go blind

an innovation of unique writing
erects a wall that I keep on designing
like a miner that digs for ore, I dig for words
plow through mental block like crushing icebergs

eyes of sunshine provide me a surge
a bolt of amped lightning in wicked curves
unseen but rare game of word jumble
I break phrases and watch building blocks tumble

like a magnet I attract opposite ends
aluminum to platinum, it's like unsticking tins
I recycle but I don't use plastic bins
melt down the metal matter to reuse again

eyes of sunshine gazing from above
melt my heart with this unprecedented love
before me I lay burdens, to rest at your feet
Jesus your the sunshine that makes me complete

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  • beautiful write.(grabbing my dictionary) loved the visual journey. great metaphorical use. well done. -Tonya23 Feb 2012 by

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