⋅ 25 February 2012

Steve Thorn's Reply to Me Today.

Anyone who hasn't read Steve's response to my reply to his apology can do so now. For here it is. Copied and pasted verbatim onto the front page where it belongs.

If anyone has any questions for me, I am happy to answer them openly and honestly. If anyone has any questions for Ian Bowen, I suggest you ask him, bearing in mind what you read here today.
kath xxxxxxx

Steve Thorn
Firstly, Kath thank you for accepting my apology to you. I regret ever getting involved with Ian's clone hunt. I became a member of this site to write poems not search for what members were posting. Ian first mailed me with regards to Marieta Maglas asking for a second opinion on pieces she had copied from blog and travel sites then posted it as her own work on numerous poetry sites claiming ownership of copyright too which you are aware of already. I was then asked to assist him in finding any other posts that were plagiarised by Marieta which I honoured because I believed it was for the good of the site. As a new member I did what I could to assist Ian as he told me no one else would. Once Marieta was exposed for what she had done she left Poetfreak where I spotted her at Hello Poetry where I too was a member at the time and noticed she was friends with a member exposed for creating a cloned account by the name of Hobbit when unearthed it was John X McCallugh. Which to my knowledge this account has now been deleted. Over the following weeks Ian set about his mission to find out if John X or John F had anymore cloned accounts attached to his poems and Joined Hello Poetry where he left a comment on one of John's poems there, asking him about something to do with New York and Dublin, Because Ian believed that John was not an American. His post at Hello Poetry was the same entry Ian used to host his 007 competition, which a lot of members entered but never won? I asked Ian about this and also found that Ian also had two accounts at Hello Poetry himself, and in his reply to me regarding it he said that he had only joined the site to wind John up and then he would delete it. I was then asked by Ian to do searches on the member Sylvia Chan, which I did but found nothing but a website she designed herself and nothing else. This happened around the time that the site was either hacked or crashed due to tech problems.. Once I was able to log back into this site after the crash, I was then pointed into the direction of Wombat, where in all honesty there are quite a few accounts here link to him but no proof to suggest he writes from them as one person. But I thought we were chasing clones and not a member who hardly gets read by anyone, members always seemed to skip his entries which I asked Ian about again and he replied he wasn't sure but had introduced Hurbert (Wombat) to poetfreak some time ago when they had left Poemhunter. Ian began posting wind up poems about bats etc aimed at the Americans because at this time in question Ian believed that the member Chaos1214 was Wombat too, but I could not find anything to link the two members in anything they wrote. Then as the days went on I was asked to do a search on some new poets who had joined because Ian believed the new members were Wombat / Hurbert and this is why Ian was leaving strange comments on their poems. I was then asked to do a search on a new member Jelly Boy as Ian also believed this to be Wombat or Windowguy, but nothing was found to suggest this. I was then asked to do a search on the member Windowguy, as Ian believed Windowguy was the new member LEXXXY who I exposed for posting song lyrics as poems on the site. James T Adair was also requested to be searched by Ian which I did and nothing came about from that one either. Ian told me that he had always suspected Jenny Gordon to be a clone and that is why he never commented on any of her poems, which I have noticed today has begun doing so since all this trouble broke out. I personally thought after doing a search on Jenny Gordon a journal page I found where the blogger posts on the same interests as Jenny was in fact her. I even mailed Jenny to congratulate her on being published, to which Jenny informed me it wasn't her. In all honesty while reading the Jenny Gordon Blog , I wanted to see if Ian's thoughts were correct. I sent Ian a mail saying I've been reading through this page and it sounded like Kath (which I now know is wrong) Ian then said we needed more proof before we approached both Kath and Jenny with our findings. I spent days on that blog and the things I was suspicious about was the same interests / reference to books, coffee, brands of tea, and chocolate, train travel, photography etc were very similar to Jenny's intro headings on her sonnets and certain references on Kath's poetry here. I have to admit I convinced myself that Jenny and Kath were the same person and needed to reflect on what I was thinking at the time. Through these searches and sharing the information with Ian he then claimed that Kath, Jenny Gordon, and the member Chaos1214 were the same person. It was at this stage that I'd simply had enough of it all as I was running around like a headless chicken trying to gather all the info on the problem member Chris G Vaillaincourt / Homme Canadien / Shane / Michael West / Kanataka. I had gathered so much information on names dating back to 2006 and earlier and I was so close to finding all of the names used by Chris G Vaillancourt but Ian approached Chris after me telling him to hold on, then once Ian sent him mails with the names we had on Chris G , Mr Vaillacourt deleted the names and all the links I had were gone. Weeks wasted because Ian couldn't wait for the full details. I left this site briefly after all this took place because I was fed up with running around chasing these people. Ian then mailed me saying that all the people he trusted had turned their backs on him and were blaming him for the overflow of new members coming through the door and requested I send him all the info I had on Chris G Vaillancourt because the member Karin Anderson wanted the proof of the clone problem here. I happily mailed Ian the links I had gathered and when I asked him the following day if Karin was happy, he simply said no because it was all about Vaillancourt and no one else. And I thought what the hell have I just wasted all my time doing in all honesty. I was then told that Kath had fallen out with Ian over something, but I do believe it was because Kath had defended JohnX over the Hobbit claim, but then again I could be wrong. When I spoke with Ian on the phone he said that he couldn't be sure about Kath whether she was who she said she was ie;; real name etc. He then explained that he had received a gift from Kath in the mail ' a robin or something of that nature. And he told me that he had run a check on the address it was sent from but her name wasn't known, that it was different and that he was trying to obtain her home telephone number so that he could get her location as she only provided him with her mobile. It was after this that Ian had rejoined the site under the name Russianlad, and wanted to start a competition that no one would win '007' and that he wanted the members here to think he had left the site but he had helped me put a new competition together in order to boost the low mood of members at the site at that time. He then explained that he ' Russianlad ' would enter the competition at the last moment and be announced the winner ' Someone out of nowhere wins' as a wind up because he was upset at Fay Slimm and a few other members here about John X Mc Cullagh being on their friends list after being exposed for having the Hobbit account. It was a few weeks after that his attention was back on Kath, Chaos1214, Wombat, Jelly Boy, Windowguy and a few others. He then went on to explain that we were on our own that no other members were interested in catching the clones, I sat in the background for quite sometime while I handed out links to plagiarised material like sweets to Ian and he would name and shame them on the front page, but had asked if he could mention my name to members who were thanking him for exposing the plagiarists, because he felt I should take some of the credit for finding them. In one day I unearthed 15 plagiarists at this site and that is a lot for one site if you ask me. After my stupid accusation toward Kath I left but returned and posted two poems, I then received a mail from Ian after me telling him what I had said to Kath in my reply to her friend request, and he asked if I was still willing to go after her as he believed Kath, Chaos,1214 and Jenny were the same person. Wombat was not brought into it this time. Ian then began doing area searches on Kath O'Toole and Jenny Gordon and said he was going to ring Kath's mobile the following morning to obtain her home number because he had a few questions he wanted to ask her. It was on this day that I responded to Kaths friend request with my unfounded accusation about herself and Jenny being the same person, once I came back to earth I thought, you know what bugger it, I'm not doing this anymore and left. Until today, where I thought it only right to publically apologies to Kath for what I had accused her of. And now, Ian Bowen is making out that all this other stuff was my doing. I don't think so Ian. I trusted you and believed you wanted a safer site for your friends to post in, if you ask me Ian when things don't according to your plans you blame every other finger around you. Yet, you have already been exposed over the internet for being a racist bully who hounded a man at Poemhunter with racist poems and threatening mails. Ian it's all over the web and facebook. The man has even dedicated a page called Ian Bowen Racist Poet. You have been doing this kind of thing on poetry sites for a long time Ian, and everyone who believed they were friends of yours and helped you, have been used as scape goats while you left the site and set up home here, only to start it all over again. Ian if anyone should be thrown out of this site, it should be you. I warn all others who he asks to help him to clear this site of clones and plagiarists to Stay away, he couldn't care less about you. This is about him wanting to be king of the hill. Well Ian, it's a long roll down from the top. You are a nasty piece of work, it's not the members here who are the problem Ian. It's you. And it's taken me up until now for it to finally sink in that I trusted the wrong person. Thank you for wasting my time Ian,. I have now witnessed first hand in reading what you said about me, were you thinking I wasn't here Ian?. I had a feeling you would try this, why? because I'm new and less known than you. The perfect scape goat for you. Well Ian it didn't work out the way you planned after all, did it. Not a very nice chap are you, yet you bad mouth me - although I had the stones to stand up and take it on the chin when I realised my huge mistake. You might as well wear a dress Ian. To be a man is to admit when you are beat. And you have been Ian, by members who now know what you are really like. Thanks to them speaking out the whole internet has just been updated with more bullying antics on websites' with your name attached 'Ian Bully Bowen' and it will keep coming up. You are a bully and you take your frustrations out on the wrong people. People who regarded you as a friend. You have lost all the respect I held for you Ian, that's one dirty move you've pulled there to save face. I am gutted, thanks for nothing. I will not be returning to this site after today, as I now have a public house to run full time. I wish you all the very best for the future and sincerely hope your community spirit can be restored to how you remember it Steve

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  • Well, it proves I am not a clone of Steve Thorn. Thank God for that.25 Feb 2012 by

  • A lesson well taught...to all of us..."Keep your words short and sweet, you may have to eat them..." Dorothy A Poet Who Loves To Sing25 Feb 2012 by

  • Susan, to "plagarise" one of the band of the 1980s - Japan "I second that emotion" :) kath (and Ian, if you're back in a frenzy thinking hey, aha! Now I have proof that kath is not only a small Northern woman but also a big hunky funny American guy and a lady called Jenny who writes sonnets, AND a band called Japan from the 1980s!!! All I can say is - sod off, you pathetic excuse for a man). k xxxxx25 Feb 2012 by

  • Steve, forgot to mention, that he offered me some illegal software, supplied by his son, that I declined. Did he use it? as he became absolutely addicted to searching this site. In fact, he sent me so much material, I could not keep up with his efforts...having lost the sight in one of my eyes. Believe who you like, I do not care a jot. The racist slur on my name is an absolute joke...I have black children in my family, and I challenge any member on here, to show me one racist comment from my pen. I have never done such a thing in my life. I once commented on a poem on Poemhunter, and simply said, that the poem would be more understandable with a little more work. Next thing I know, I am receiving death threats, and was called a racist. I honestly can't be bothered to answer the rest of Steve Thorn's message to Kath. I only know, I never ran like a scared rabbit, every time the going got tough. I never run away from any situation, and I will continue to fight and search this site for plagiarists. Like Steve said, he caught 15 in one day, and that says a lot for some of the members we have had the misfortune to have on here in the past. I will not be searching for clones any more, as it seems there is a new rule, making it okay to use a pen name/s. Keep the pressure on all you like...I am not leaving this site.25 Feb 2012 by

  • Ian. You chose perhaps a lousy friend. You sent me and my friends nasty threatening messages on the back of that friendship. You treated people on PF very badly. You made your bed. It's not any of our fault if it isn't comfortable for you now. k25 Feb 2012 by

  • I have no words to express what I feel after reading this message Kath. Ian, you need to take responsibility for the havoc caused on this site.....It is a very sad day for me as well as I have decided to leave Poetfreak - a site that has been like home to me for a long time - where I made some dear friends.26 Feb 2012 by

  • OMG I too have no words to express myself here,but to just ignore and to keep on posting.26 Feb 2012 by

  • ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ....... I just can't believe it... People have so much time to do all such rubbish activities... I just can't imagine to write such a long letter Kath... :-)))) Who can clean whom ?? I always believe, the people who try to clean others and the society is always create problems. Those are the culprits.. Let's clean us first... "Let him throw the first stone who never commits any offenses".. Carry on musing Kath, just ignore them ~ Abhi.. I urge you all not to leave PF.. Such peoples are everywhere in the society, so do you think of leaving the society?27 Feb 2012 by

  • Oh My....Abhi is damned right...so sorry for this word, Kath...but I want to say what's in my head now: we go on writing, creating and having fun with chosing words for our poems here in Poetfreak, the creativity of our mind and I repeat what Abhi has said below: Such people are everywhere in the society, so do you think of leaving the society? He is absolutely right. Thank you Abhi for your wise words, and thank you Kath for your place here, so we can guide our thoughts to a positive direction, and so our artistic craft be bundled in one great joy! Kath, your support is great! 3 Mar 2012 by

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