⋅ 29 February 2012

see no good (a horror story)


His song was always:
I see no good
see no kindness
in the world
I see no hope
I see no gentleness
nowhere all round me

and now he lies
bowels dismembered
His intestines
making a nice O
on the floor;
his limbs like sticks
stretched out
pointing towards the only door

some evil
got him

(those of you who've been here long enough know I like to experiment with different genres in poetry...this is the 2nd horror poem...at least 1 more to go...)

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  • "making a nice O on the floor" what a peculiar image for spilled guts, pleasant even, reinforces the amoral mindset. well done.29 Feb 2012 by

  • Great use of imagery. There is no doubt in the readers mind that this was no act of random violence but a truly evil deed. You have a real knack for the macabre my friend. 1 Mar 2012 by

  • Just experimenting, Patrick...thanks for the encouragement... 1 Mar 2012 by

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