⋅ 1 March 2012

Dog Mumbo (a horror story)

Dog Mumbo
lives alone
since his master disappeared
in the corner house
in Suburb Bumbo

Mumbo stands with
his head at the window
paws on the sills
and when Stranger Whoever's
heart is touched
"O that poor thing,
so so sweet"
and comes in to pat the dog
Dog Mumbo invites
Stranger Whoever
to the master's seat
and closes the door;
and when Dog Mumbo turns round
to Stranger Whoever
it's no longer that poor thing,
so so sweet thing
For it goes straight for the heart

And so it lives alone
and feeds itself
same way its Master fed it

And I believe, you discerning reader,
have a name
so remember it well
and do not fancy yourself ever to be
Stranger Whoever

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  • A powerful write Raj..it sure put the scares up me!! I definitely do not fancy myself ever to be - Stranger Whoever!! 1 Mar 2012 by

  • Patrick - I was going to stop with 3 poems in this horror series, but with that encouraging comment, yes - I might just go beyond 3... 1 Mar 2012 by

  • I agree - right fit for campfire reading. A right vivid and compelling read. Skillfully penned. tfs 1 Mar 2012 by

  • Cujo, but with a sweet side, for a moment at least. Nicely done, language simple yet slipped in some special words of energy to sink your teeth in two, whoever's bumbo, stray things, when I walk by, will I think twice next time. Yes. 1 Mar 2012 by

  • Real hortor write. I stay away from dogs anyway. 1 Mar 2012 by

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