⋅ 3 March 2012

Thirteenth Haiku

Within stone circles
the ancient gods of the land
mock our ignorance

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  • Good one Patrick 3 Mar 2012 by

  • Solid and enjoyable haiku.....Jerry (*_*) 3 Mar 2012 by

  • clever write... how true... good one! 3 Mar 2012 by

  • So true, Patrick. Brilliant haiku! 3 Mar 2012 by

  • Don't they just Patrick! Excellent Haiku! :) kath xxx 3 Mar 2012 by

  • Patrick this sums up the force and power felt in stone circles so very well. Amazing haiku. 3 Mar 2012 by

  • An exquisite gem, Patrick! More to it than meets the eye! A beautiful mystical write from your magic pen. So much we don't understand about the gods of old. So much wisdom which will never be ours, delightfully penned in word and visual detail. An indepth write, with much to reflect on. I like it very much and thank you for sharing. Blessings to you, dear friend.... 3 Mar 2012 by

  • at last, the true meaning of the stone circles has been brought back to us puny mortals...great depth and insightful poem, Patrick... 4 Mar 2012 by

  • Aye, methinks you have stumble upon a grain of truth, or something very like it here. Wowers. Impressive and haunting. Me likes all too well. Ah, evokes a sigh. 4 Mar 2012 by

  • wow, Patrick, this is so much more than just a haiku. a very evocative and haunting work, thank you for sharing. 5 Mar 2012 by

  • ... I can hear them laughing. Nice one. 6 Mar 2012 by

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