⋅ 22 March 2012

Wind Whisper

I love you my child
I close my eyes
accepting the embrace
the touch brings a tear

The content welcome
like a spring bubbling from
a lost fountain in the desert
a welcome refreshment to quench
a soul of thirst

Making for a light heart
in a torrent of earthly woe
Take me with thee I plea
I love you my Lord

“Every step, I am by your side
Live for me..”
I step to walk away
looking back not seeing him

Then I hear the wind blow
with a gentle whisper,
"I'm right here.."

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  • I love this one Cat. So beautiful.22 Mar 2012 by

  • the call to recall winds to blow spell of night wakes to whisper longing to see love of living spring blooms like colors in rainbow..beautiful write heartfelt22 Mar 2012 by

  • it's nice to know that even in those times when we feel entirely alone, with no one else to rely on - we aren't. A truly meaningful write. tfs22 Mar 2012 by

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