⋅ 16 April 2012
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IF ONLY YOU WOULD LISTEN (Meggie's love challenge)

You can hear it if you listen
Through the echo of the wind
As it sweeps across the meadow
Cooling the earth

You can feel it in the warmth
As the sun smiles through the clouds
Heating the soil
Breathing new life

You can see it in the miracle
Of the new born child
Through the beauty of the flowers
As they bloom in Spring

You can hear it through the laughter
As children play in snow
That glistens like diamonds
Painting the earth

The magic of the moon
And the stars that shine so bright
God’s love is all around us
You can hear it….
If you would only listen

So give thanks to our creator
Thank him with this prayer

“I love Thee, I love but Thee,
With a love that will not die
Till the sun grows cold and
The stars grow old”

He will smile and he will answer
If only you will listen

Picture courtesy of joannecanin/flickr.com

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  • You must also be a painter in between verses. If no, you should try your hand at it.....Your Third-Eye is shimmering with pictorial effulgence here, Pat...and the above work is most asuredly a worthy entry for Meggies Comp. Good Luck, lass! ~FjR~16 Apr 2012 by

  • A Beautiful celebration of a Love of Nature ...A really great entry ...Good Luck Pat . Kindest regards, Philip16 Apr 2012 by

  • A lovely entry Pat...good luck my dear...16 Apr 2012 by

  • this is vivid and stunning in its beauty. A masterpiece painted with skill on your lucky canvas. A gem of a poem. Recommending. tfs16 Apr 2012 by

  • Excellent and sure winner into the contest Pat.16 Apr 2012 by

  • Masterfully crafted with magic and love. One of your very best Pat. I am recommending it too!16 Apr 2012 by

  • Such a beautiful entry to Meggie's challenge. Well written Pat and so very appealing.16 Apr 2012 by

  • Lovely poem.... Good Luck Pat.16 Apr 2012 by

  • Beautiful Pat. Good luck16 Apr 2012 by

  • a well crafted poem,Pat16 Apr 2012 by

  • Oh, such a moving piece Pat... Made me hold my breath and sigh with happy thoughts in mind. Wonderful and inspiring poem!16 Apr 2012 by

  • Good poem,best of luck for the competition16 Apr 2012 by

  • "If only we would listen".... how beautiful, Pat!! Best of luck with the challenge. Maybe there will be a 10 way tie for 1st place!!!!!.....Jerry (*_*)17 Apr 2012 by

  • This is acknowledging our Creator who is the greatest lover. All your words here are very outstanding..The flow of your words comes from a humble heart.So beautiful and inspiring. A moving piece that I will never forget. Thank you so much once again, for the contribution to my challenge, Pat. For me, it makes a great difference..You have lighten this site with your great words of love. Love you, with the love of the Lord...Hugs....Meggie20 Apr 2012 by

  • This is obviously deeply felt, and beautifully expressed in a rhythmical but free way. The exhortation to listen, whether to God or nature or the earth, is as true now as it ever was, and perhaps now more necessary than in earlier times.23 Apr 2012 by

  • If Only You Would Listen...You are absolutely right, Pat...A fine beautiful poem, brilliantly penned, Good Luck with the Challenge, Pat and I do hope you'll win! GBU, dear.24 Apr 2012 by

  • this is a deserving win, Pat..Congratulations to you, our Queen of Love poems..ha ha..hope you like my graphic here..God bless you28 Apr 2012 by

  • Congrats a fine and just winner indeed28 Apr 2012 by

  • Congratulations Pat on winning Meggie's challenge. I recommended this poem as I knew it was special and I am sure it has touched many other hearts too! love Karin28 Apr 2012 by

  • Congratulations! You not only supply us with something to hear but also many other beautiful things to visualize and feel.28 Apr 2012 by

  • a beautiful poem Pat He will smile and He wil answer If only you will listen congratulations Mamta30 Apr 2012 by

  • Congratulations Pat, a worthy winner indeed !30 Apr 2012 by

  • CONGRATULATIONS, MY DEAR PAT, THE QUEEN of LOVE.... Brilliantly penned, so beautiful! Your poem has won! You are a worthy winner indeed, I am repeating Maggie's, but this time it comes from me...You are the winner, Pat!...Best wishes and God's Love from Sylvia FC 4 May 2012 by

  • Congratulations, dear Pat ! A moving piece , it shows Love in every detail, often forgotten. It's a prayer-poem , beautiful and delicate. Blessings, Laura 6 May 2012 by

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