⋅ 19 April 2012


Watertown, you are most aptly named;
a wretched burg where all it does is rain.
A singer poet visited one day
and took away a song of Passion's play.
He sang about a Watchman time passed by,
and of the sweet young thing who caught his eye.
He told us of the Watchman's sly seduction;
where lovemaking served in lieu of Extreme Unction.
When she moved on, the Watchman was bereft,
distraught about the note that she had left.
In Watertown, small chance for Love, thought he-
when anywhere is a better place to be.

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  • I wrote "Watertown" as a tribute to Singer Songwriter Harry Chapin. This poem is about his song "A better Place to be" Extreme Unction is a term for a sacrament administered to the dying in the Roman Catholic church. It has since been renamed "The sacrament for the sick". Harry Chapin was in Watertown when he first heard the tale of the midnight Watchman, a fetching stranger and an early morning barroom.19 Apr 2012 by

  • Another great, informative write from you John, thanks :)19 Apr 2012 by

  • A very interesting narration here John. The caught my attention and yes something I never knew. Nice dedication.19 Apr 2012 by

  • Good idea, excellent story, brilliant narration, amazing poem!!19 Apr 2012 by

  • Such an enjoyable read, John! tfs........Jerry (*_*)19 Apr 2012 by

  • First rate versing of a rainyday town John - lots to learn from this replay of a ballad to the watchman of Watertown.19 Apr 2012 by

  • a bit of perfection, well done19 Apr 2012 by

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