⋅ 20 April 2012

Accidental Overdose

The dawning of an ordinary day
as a cloistered existence,
born of anguish and dismay,
copes with the sorrow
of facing yet another tomorrow,
letting pills have their unbridled way.

Several presription vials scattered
on the rug and spilled capsules
strewn about with a missing
unknown quantity...
how many were taken,
confused and quite shaken,
a few more were swallowed, you see.

At the end of a menacing day
another cold body lies
motionless on the floor;
naked and face down,
alone and nowhere bound,
an unhappy life breathes no more.

© Copyright 2008 Gerard Lebel
All rights reserved

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  • You have captured the horrific truth of death by overdose in some cases Jerry - so sad a discovery for the finder is a body lying naked and breathless - and coming too late.20 Apr 2012 by

  • this hits home pretty hard for me, well done20 Apr 2012 by

  • A stark write that emphasises the horrors of death by an overdose....20 Apr 2012 by

  • A graphic write Jerry about death by overdose, sad20 Apr 2012 by

  • Well composed.thought out and executed.sadness fills the air.20 Apr 2012 by

  • Well written and the imagery is so clear, just wish they would at least put some clothes on, it's shocking enough finding them dead.20 Apr 2012 by

  • Shocking to the core Jerry. How easily it happens.Written with sensitivity..Maggie20 Apr 2012 by

  • This is happening more than most people realize now and the reality hits hard with your vivid words Jerry. Powerful penning indeed!21 Apr 2012 by

  • Tragic, still it happens every day, as Karin well say. Excellent reminder, Jerry.21 Apr 2012 by

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