⋅ 25 April 2012

Winsome Word Worship ....Acrostic

Poem Title : Winsome Word Worship ( Acrostic)
Acrostic Poem 210 Y

Winsome word worship
In honour of a delightful subject
Notice how it excites the senses
Senses which may have lain dormant
Only our word sense comes to the fore
Messages flying via cyber space
Especial prose compositions filled within

Winsome word worship
On the slightest chance forming a poem
Right in front of the eyes of two lovers
Delightful discussions of winsome words

Winsome word worship
Of idealization of the word craft of a Poet
Reverence and veneration of script
Script so arranged as to make rhyme
Homage to live Poets and passed Poets
Intent on a unique arrangement to thrill
Praise promise pledge your hearts desire

Written by Philip
Posted 26th April 2012
00:02 Hours BST

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  • Alliteratively acknowledged As An Absolutely Awesome Artform...An Acrostic... Particularly(when) Pouring (from) Philips Platinum Pen..........Polished Poetry, Philip~FjR~25 Apr 2012 by

  • Three cleverly chosen words. Praise to poetry.26 Apr 2012 by

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