⋅ 28 June 2012
bild från Flickr
Photo from Flickr by JarkkoS


The moon peeped through the swirling mist
Playing hide and seek behind the clouds
The stars had long switched off their fairy lights
Leaving the earth in darkness
Where an eerie silence was the only sound

Picture courtesy of jarkkoS/flickr.com

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  • The perfect description of an eerie night....28 Jun 2012 by

  • Ah - just to test a poet's genius...lol Love it! Dorothy Singing Still28 Jun 2012 by

  • I love the eerie imagery in this fascinating, delightful verse and the last line is just superb! I love the sound of eerie silence.28 Jun 2012 by

  • The picture is a perfect accompaniment to the expressive words you write, well penned.28 Jun 2012 by

  • This is a perfect picture of the eerie feel when clouds haunt the moon. A great first morning's read for me Pat.28 Jun 2012 by

  • very evocative, Pat. And the last line ends the poem perfectly...28 Jun 2012 by

  • perfect package..your words and your pic.A beautiful write28 Jun 2012 by

  • Oo, the eerie silence, a very atmospheric poem..Maggie28 Jun 2012 by

  • You have built up a creepy feeling with the photo and content and I feel shivery now Pat. A great presentation!28 Jun 2012 by

  • Eerie theme well conceptualized in vivid words, yet the silence it brings gives the reader echoing solitude.30 Jun 2012 by

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