⋅ 16 August 2012

The Physics of Life

Life as I see it... in a lighter vein!

The Physics of Life

It's difficult to climb
great heights in life
as you have to go
against gravity.

It is easy to fall
to the ground in life
as gravity just
pulls you down.

It's also difficult
to climb or fall in life
as inertia
keeps you grounded.

Sometimes life moves
along a trajectory
and sometimes
it appears stationary.

Life often times
has real depth
and at other times,
apparent depth.

It may be
positively charged
one day and neutral
the very next.

So several forces
come into play
in deciding
one's position in life.

The physics of life
is really complicated.
Life can be physically
taxing indeed.

Gita Ashok
16th August 2012, 8 am

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  • Great poem Gita...the last stanza sums up all the contradictions we face in face...Bravo!!16 Aug 2012 by

  • Great analogy! this is poetry adorned in philosophised science. Nice.16 Aug 2012 by

  • life is what we make it. And everyone seems to see it differently. Great write.16 Aug 2012 by

  • Interesting!16 Aug 2012 by

  • A nice read !16 Aug 2012 by

  • I meant - the contradictions we face in life.. please excuse the typo Gita!16 Aug 2012 by

  • Gita a great piece loved it16 Aug 2012 by

  • Great scientific poem. Shows our limits.16 Aug 2012 by

  • Indeed, very well put here!17 Aug 2012 by

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