⋅ 22 December 2012

Silent Night...based on a true story

The morters exploded
and bullets flew past
as soldeirs where dyeing all through the night

Then just before midnight
not a sound could be heard
as if each side was expecting the worst

When suddenly, unexpectedly a voice could be heard, quite clear and loud singing 'Silent Night' what a beautiful sound

Whispers and murmers could be heard all all around as each side
started singing this wonderful song

A truce was made that historic night as two days was celebrated in christmas cheer

Gifts from home where exchanged amongest foes but they knew in there hearts they could never be

In that one singular moment of space and time there was peace on earth in no mans land

┬ęKaila George 2012

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  • A lovely scene of Peace and Goodwill <322 Dec 2012 by

  • don't you wish it could be extended.. never in this life time though.. :( good one.. Cat23 Dec 2012 by

  • A n apt story at Christmas Kaila.. If only the season of peace and good cheer could last... Wars could be stopped23 Dec 2012 by

  • Too charming. I've heard such tales of the American Civil War as well, the sickening part that we went back to shedding our brothers' blood. Lovely and thought-provoking, beautifully rendered. I enjoyed it. Thanks for sharing.28 Dec 2012 by

  • This tale is familiar to me as well. And yes its very cool. 7 Apr 2013 by

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